Domino's to reportedly launch an app for the Xbox One

Domino's to reportedly launch an app for the Xbox One

According to a new report from The Sunday Times, Microsoft and Dominos have reportedly signed a deal to bring an Xbox One app which will allow gamers to order a pizza using their console. The new partnership is expected to be announced next month, possibly along side the time of availability of the app.

How will this work? The app will be optimized to use Kinect voice recognition and gestures technology. It will simply require a user to say, “Domino’s, feed me," before they can select a base and toppings for their pizza. Alternatively, users can also access the Domino's app through a gesture, which will allow them to order their favorite pizzas. Furthermore, gamers will also get the ability to monitor the progress of their pizza via an on-screen tracker.

There's no official word as of now about any such deal, but we've reached out to Microsoft to comment on this. 

For those who are not aware, Microsoft already has a deal with Pizza Hut in the US, which allows users to order a pizza directly from their consoles. The deal has been lucrative so far as the app generated $1 million in sales in the first four months.

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