Dolby Digital Plus support coming to Windows 8

Dolby Laboratories recently announced that Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 8 with Dolby Digital Plus sound technology incorporated. The deal requires computers manufacturers to license from Dolby and pay royalties to use the technology.

Tami Reller, Microsoft Windows unit CFO said “With the incredible growth of online download and streaming media, particularly for video content, this agreement ensures a great audio experience for those consumers who wish to download or stream TV and movies containing Dolby Digital Plus.” He continued, “Additionally, all of their existing and future home videos recorded with Dolby Digital Plus audio will work great on Windows 8 right out of the box.”

The company said “Dolby does not expect this agreement to affect its fiscal 2012 outlook because Windows 8 is not expected to ship until Dolby’s fiscal 2013.”

Microsoft isn’t expected to ship Windows 8 until later this year, with rumours expected a launch time in October.

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