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Education has evolved the methods of transferring information and providing higher learning through the use of technology in the last few years. With the most recent Office blog, Microsoft highlighted how educators have been using for their classrooms. is a "content-based social media" where teachers, students, and more can share their documents. It is compatible with the popular file formats from Microsoft Office as well as PDF and web links. The media stored on is able to be posted privately or shared globally to other users that might have use for the files. People are also able to like content,  download files, and follow others to keep up on the latest of project progress and news. The analytics feature helps the user to know exactly what is being useful to others, how much, and how often.

Students find useful for storing projects, collecting homework, and combining lessons conveniently. With the mobility of any device, the site provides a method to keep everything neat and organized. With collaborative learning, students can work together and combine their documents into collections.

Educators, in particular, have found useful to store their lesson plans, research, and projects. When they need an idea for the classroom, teachers are able to sing through Bing for a quick solution or inspiration. In return, they are also able to share their own worldwide to help another like themselves.

Not every teacher is willing to make their projects and lessons available to the public, however. That is why updated their system to allow Organization Visibility options, making it possible to restrict the access of uploaded documents to those of the same school or organization. An alternative method is also available called Limited, which holds all documents private unless the user has access to the link.

AVID, an educational non-profit, is working on a means to ease the integration between Microsoft's cloud and "to make it easier for teachers and students to incorporate technology use and skills in the classroom". We'll know more details next week after the reveal at the International Society for Technology in Education conference in Denver, Colorado.

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