Do you want your photography skills featured on WinBeta? -
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Do you want your photography skills featured on WinBeta?

Surface 3

We do our best to have original and dynamic photographs for our stories but our collective staff doesn’t own every Microsoft related device and service out there. To grow our photo library, we’re looking for high quality original photos of various devices and services from our WinBeta community.

We’ll sort through the photos and use the best ones for related posts in the future. Specifically we’re looking for Microsoft related photos. Here are just a few examples of the types of photos that we’re seeking.

  • Windows Phone devices
  • Windows PCs, tablets, and/or 2-in-1s
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Android devices (for when there are stories related to Microsoft services on Android)
  • iPhones (for the same reason as Android devices)

In addition to photos of devices you can also send in photos showing off a Microsoft service or feature similar to the photo below showing of Shape Writing on a Lumia 640.

Shape Writing on Lumia 640

They don't have to be particularly fancy or elaborate. The key criteria is that the photo clearly identifies the device or service, that it looks good, and that it is high enough quality that we could post it on the site within our stories.

To make a couple things clear, these have to be original photos as we will be using them on our website in various news stories. Please do not send any photos that you found on the internet or elsewhere.

What do you get out of it?

This is a great way to have your photography skills shown off to the world. When applicable, we'll use your photo in a news story. You will be helping us spice up our news stories with newer, fresh images, and be a part of the news story at the same time -- which gets shared to Twitter, Facebook, Feedly, and various other social media outlets! We also have such a large audience of Microsoft enthusiasts who will be looking at your work. If we like your photographs, we may even hire you to take more photos for us!

Do not post your photos in the comments section. To send in photos please email them to with the subject "photos" and within the email clearly label what the photo is showing. Good luck to those interested!

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