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Disqus for Windows phone gets an update, adds dark theme

Disqus for Windows Phone

Do you like reading articles and skipping to the comments section? Do you live for the push notification saying that someone has replied to your comment or given you an up vote? Do you not want your eyes to get tired after searching through the comments from your favorites sites including WinBeta? Do you enjoy companies that purposefully spell their name in a funny way? Then you'll enjoy the new update to Disqus for Windows phone.

Disqus is an internet comment engine that allows users to comment on stories and receive notifications when there is a response or a vote. It's one of the most popular comment engines and is used by us for WinBeta and many other popular websites, blogs, and communities. The latest update allows you to switch to a dark theme that is a trend among apps that want to make it easier for the eyes of readers. It also comes with some bug fixes including live tile and action center repairs.

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