Disqus 2.0 for Windows Phone features design overhaul, new notification types, and more

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Disqus bumped to version 2, brings a complete design overhaul, new notification types and much more

Disqus is one of the largest blog commenting systems available at the moment. Not too long ago, we saw some of the features which were expected to make their way to the app in the form of an update. The app gives users the ability to stay on top of their favorite discussions, follow websites, blogs, authors, and much more, and make comments using your Windows Phone handset. You can also pin the app to the Start Screen and get notifications as well.

If you happen to be a regular Disqus user on Windows Phone, you be glad to know the update is finally here, bumping the app to version 2.0, and introduces a bunch of new features. First of all, Disqus 2.0 brings a completely redesign app for Windows Phone 8.1 powered devices. With the latest update, you can login to the app using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which removes the hassle of creating a Disqus account for newbies. If you’re already logged in, you can also use the app to manage your profile, add an avatar, and edit other fields.

Disqus bumped to version 2, brings a complete design overhaul, new notification types and much more

Furthermore, the latest update give users the ability to follow their favorite communities and view latest posts on them in a brand new feed section. This way, you’d be able to find out when a new post has been made on a blog, and jump in to the comments section to post about your thoughts regarding the specific article.

Here’s a complete change log of Disqus 2.0, as per Windows Phone Store:

  • Completely redesigned app for Windows Phone 8.1
  • New notification types: replies, followers and upvotes
  • Now you can edit your profile or upload an avatar
  • Added Facebook, Google and Twitter login options
  • Brand new feeds and the ability to follow communities
  • Seems faster

The app is available for download in the Windows Phone Store, and doesn’t cost a dime — yes, it’s free. 

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