DisplayFusion 4.0.0 Beta 11 released

DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) experience smooth and painless. Advanced multi-monitor wallpaper support, Flickr integration for image searching and fully customizable window management hotkeys are just a sample of the many things DisplayFusion can do. DisplayFusion is also available in many different languages.

Whats new in Beta 11?

– Change: We’re making lots of exciting changes in these Betas, so we’ve bumped the version to 4.0 to reflect that! Still a free update for everyone!
– Change: Taskbars now have optional Jump Lists for the right-click menu (enabled by default, MRU not yet supported)
– Change: Added new HotKeys to open the DisplayFusion Settings, Wallpaper and Monitor Configuration windows
– Change: Added an Advanced Setting to allow invalid language files to be force-loaded
– Change: Removed the “Use Preview Mode” setting for Screen Savers
– Change: Added 4 new preset HotKeys to move windows to the 4 corners of a monitor
– Change: Folder browser now allows you to type in a path (great for UNC paths)
– Change: Added an option to set the Windows Aero colour to match the wallpaper or the currently active window (Win7 and higher)
– Fix: Taskbars now reload if the monitor IDs change
– Fix: Taskbar auto-hide animation is working again
– Fix: Console window hooking is now fixed
– Fix: Steam windows should now redraw correctly when snapped
– Fix: Windows Vista taskbar tray icons for volume, network… etc now show up correctly
– Fix: The “Reset HotKeys” button in the Settings window no longer removes custom HotKeys
– Fix: Dozens of application compatibility fixes

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