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Disney Infinity execs discuss a possible HoloLens future

Disney Infinity characters

It's not all that surprising that The Walt Disney Company may be considering making a game for Microsoft's new HoloLens headset. It would be hard to argue that players wouldn't enjoy a Disney Infinity experience via HoloLens. The creative nature of Disney Infinity lends itself to the immersive augmented reality of Microsoft's HoloLens. John Vignocchi, who is the vice president of production at Disney Interactive, told Engadget a few weeks ago

"We've had multiple meetings and discussions with Oculus, multiple meetings and discussions with Sony about Morpheus, multiple meetings and discussions with Microsoft about HoloLens. We're very interested in that space. There's the socialization problem right now with VR, but augmented reality is very exciting." 

But John Blackburn, who is the head at Disney Interactive, remains unconvinced that this is the best idea, as he explains, 

"My own experience with these devices right now is that I feel like they almost cut directly against what we're trying to do, which is experiences that can involve you with somebody else. The idea of kind of creating that family memory and playing it together is really core to the experience we're trying to build. And so when you put a lot of these headsets on, it's almost isolating in a way. Until we can get over that piece of the technology, it's not as interesting to me." 

Blackburn did hint, however, that if Disney Infinity did come to virtual reality, it would most likely come out as a HoloLens Project. 

"You kind of look at Microsoft's HoloLens stuff where you can kind of see through. And that one's kind of interesting from that perspective because I can see everybody else around me. But yes, we're absolutely interested in that space because the Toy Box itself is kind of a very interesting concept of 'I'm in the world I built.'" 

So what do you think? Do you think it's a great idea for Disney to make an Infinity game for the HoloLens? Let us know in the comments below. 

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