Discuss: Should Windows 10 be released in July or is Microsoft rushing it?

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Discuss: Should Windows 10 be released in July or should Microsoft wait a bit longer?

According to AMD’s CEO, Microsoft is looking to launch the Windows 10 operating system by the end of July. The news slipped during the recent conference call of the company, and mentioned that Microsoft aims to get it out to the market before the back-to-school promotions begin.

Those of us who are a part of the Microsoft community, whether it be as a reader or a writer, are considered enthusiasts. We love to stay on the bleeding edge. One thing we are passionate about is Microsoft and the company’s new operating system Windows 10. For those of you who are participants of the Windows Insider Program, you are not only testing Microsoft’s newest operating system but you are also providing feedback to help shape the new operating system (at least you should be).

It should come as no surprise that some of you may be upset that Microsoft is already close to releasing Windows 10, given the current state of the operating system. Some of you may feel that Windows 10 isn’t ready yet — it may feel incomplete at its current stage in Technical Preview.

But, let’s not forget that the team behind Windows 10 aren’t idiots. If they feel Windows 10 will be ready for a July release, then it will be ready. Me personally, i’d like to avoid a huge patch to fix bugs after the operating system is released, ideally i’d like the operating system to be good to go without facing any issues.

I’m curious to see who feels that July is a good time to release Windows 10 and who thinks Microsoft is rushing the release of this new operating system.

Is Microsoft rushing Windows 10 by aiming for a release date of July 2015? Should Microsoft wait a bit longer, refine the operating system a bit more and then release it? Discuss!

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