Discover tweets directly in search results with Bing's newest feature

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Discover tweets directly in search results with Bing

Millions of tweets are being generated every minute. Keeping that in mind, Bing, through an exclusive partnership with Twitter, is rolling out a fast way to discover tweets directly in your search results. 

With this feature, you can look up trending hashtags, specific twitter profiles, and latest tweets about your favorite personality in near real-time. How this works is simple -- you type in a few letters in the Bing search bar and it will automatically show the top matching hashtag suggestions. For example, if you type "#Windo", it will automatically complete the query. And upon clicking on the search, you'll get top results from Twitter in the search results.

You will also be able to find specific Twitter accounts. For instance, if you're looking for Phil Spencer, type "@phil" in the search box and you will see top suggestions for Twitter accounts that match your query, helping you find the right person quickly. 

Also, you can find top tweets associated with any hashtag at the top of the results page.

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