Did the Lumia 830 just reach End of Life status?

Sean Cameron


Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division, and then the release of the likes of the Lumia 640 and XL, one thing was clear: the two firms had very different aspirations for the Lumia line.

Microsoft’s commitment to the crowded release schedule of Nokia was made clear earlier this year, with the cancelation of the reported Lumia 1030, among others. And it seems that this relative antipathy is only set to continue, with a new leak allegedly showing that the Lumia 830, the ‘budget flagship’ may have now reached End of Life (EOL) status, only 10 months after its release.

First published on WMPU, the leak consists of a screenshot allegedly taken from within Microsoft by an employee, who stated,

“The Lumia 830 is no more, to fill I this empty space in the store, the Lumia 735 will do it”


EOL status, as might be inferred from the name, is something of a big deal for a smartphone. It essentially means that no more units will be manufactured, and all retail stock will be allowed to clear. With this often comes a reduction in price, as retailers opt to make way for the big new releases that traditionally fill the mobile calendar between September and December. 

The Lumia 830 was one of two devices debuted by Nokia at IFA 2014. Sporting a Snapdragon 400 processor, a 5 inch 720p screen and a much hyped Pureview camera, it is the slimmer cousin of the Lumia 930. Stay tuned for more on this story as it unfolds, though it is likely to be true. Microsoft is very keen to bring more OEMs to the Windows Phone fray, doubting the viability of going it alone. These same OEMs, such as Acer, will not look upon the Lumia line up as anything but competition in this space, and removing some models from the Lumia line-up has long been a stated ambition for Redmond.

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