Did Crytek just leak the next-generation Xbox codename?

Recent rumours have suggested that Microsoft is planning to reveal the next generation Xbox console at this years E3 event, and that Crytek was already in the hands of a development version of the console. Crytek denied these rumours fairly swiftly, but a new tweet by someone from Crytek suggests otherwise.

First spotted by The Verge, Senior technical artist Sean Tracy had posted a tweet stating that he was “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks.” According to this tweet, Sean Tracy was at a developers summit in London for the Durango project, which is rumoured to be the codename for Microsoft’s next Xbox console.

There has been much controversy about the next generation Xbox, rumours have been reporting many different things about its launch. Some are saying that the console will not be seen at this years E3 event, where other rumours suggest the opposite.

Crytek are rumoured to be developing TimeSplitters 4 for the next generation Xbox console, TimeSplitters was a popular game on the original Xbox console when it was released. The Verge have contacted Microsoft about this tweet, and will update when they get a response.

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