Did Apple CEO Tim Cook use a Surface Pro 4 at the China Development Forum?

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Did Microsoft give Apple CEO Tim Cook an opportunity to change his mind about the Windows 2-in-1 devices he used to loathe? The exec attended the China Development Forum in Beijing on Saturday, March 18, where Microsoft provided attendees 300 Surface Pro 4 devices to use during the conference. Twitter user Hyken Wong shared a picture of Tim Cook’s assigned Surface Pro 4, highlighting the irony of the situation (via The Verge)

It’s not clear if the Apple CEO really used Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 during the conference, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t. Could it be bad PR for Apple if Tim Cook himself was seen using a product he described as a bad toaster-refrigerator combo back in 2012? Probably, even if to be fair, it seems that not a lot of attendees used the Surface devices according to photos from the event.

Over the years, Cook seems to have changed his opinion about hybrid devices. In Fall 2015, Apple released its first iPad Pro, a 12.9 inch iPad with a detachable keyboard and an optional Apple Pencil. The company even markets this new iPad as a “computer,” despite the fact that it’s running a somewhat limited mobile operating system.

Tim Cook may have probably never used a Surface Pro 4, but we guess he’s pretty aware that Microsoft is now clearly chasing Mac users with its growing Surface portfolio. The Redmond giant launched a MacBook trade-in program last year, and it also quietly released a Surface Migration Assistant Mac app recently. But more importantly, some die-hard Mac fans are starting to think that Microsoft has a more forward-thinking approach with Windows 10.

Do you think Apple is concerned about the growing popularity of Windows 10 hybrids, or do you think the company will continue to execute on its vision of iPads becoming mainstream computers? Let us know your thoughts about the tablet ecosystem in the comments below.

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