Developers getting Kinect for Windows v2 pre-release kits

Developers getting Kinect for Windows v2 pre-release kits

With the release of the Xbox One, Kinect developers are excited to try out what the device is capable of. But Kinect is not only for Xbox, but also for Windows. Yes, you read that correctly, there is Kinect for Windows.

Special developers have been getting Kinect for Windows Developer Review kits since the launch of the Xbox One. The kit include a pre-release Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, access to the new generation Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK), and continuous updates in the future with support from private program forums.

The Kinect for Windows team stated, “We continue to see a groundswell for Kinect for Windows. We received thousands of applications for this program and selected participants based on the applicants’ expertise, passion, and the raw creativity of their ideas. We are impressed by the caliber of the applications we received and look forward to seeing the innovative NUI experiences our Developer Preview customers will create.”

With Kinect for Windows, many developers and designers saw an opportunity to apply motion-tracking technology to many different computing environments. The Kinect team tell us that, “the benefits will raise the bar and accelerate the development of NUI applications across multiple industries, from retail and manufacturing to healthcare, education, communications, and more.”

With Kinect for Windows v2, one can only wonder what these developers and designers can do with this revolutionary technology. Kinect for Windows v2 is planned to be released to the public in summer 2014. We’ve embedded a video below to see what some MIT students have been able to do with Kinect for Windows v1.

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