Developers — discover how to get your app promoted in the Windows Phone Store

Developers -- discover how to get your app promoted in the Windows Phone Store

If you’ve spent the time putting together a Windows Phone app the next battle on your hands is getting it installed on as many phones as possible. Word of mouth and online coverage help a great deal with this, but something that will really boost an app’s profile is being promoted in the Windows Phone Store. How do you go about making this happen? Over on the Windows Phone Blog, Emilio Salvador Prieto has some tips for you.

Much of what is covered in the post is common sense, but when caught up in the maelstrom of app development, it’s easy to forget the simple things. The first tip on the list is to make sure that your app is functional and does exactly what it is meant to. Windows Phone apps should be simple to use and any introductory tutorials kept to a minimum — users want to be able to get started as quickly as possible, after all.

The Store listing itself is obviously very important. Dull screenshots are not going to appeal to anyone, and certainly aren’t going to lead to promotion. Apps are more likely to be promoted if they are the sort of thing that people will want to use on a daily basis. Anything that promotes continued use of Windows Phone is more likely to be noticed.

The blog post also points out that developers should follow Windows Phone design principles, and anything that offers cross-platform operability with Xbox or Windows 8.1 is also more likely to gain attention.

Have you had success getting any of your apps promoted in the Windows Phone Store? As a Windows Phone user, do you take notice of promoted apps, or are your decisions not swayed? If you have any tips, feel free to share the below.

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