Developers can check the latency of Xbox One games — for a mere $900!

Developers can check the latency of Xbox One games -- for a mere $900!

When you’re playing a game you want the controls to be responsive. Whether you’re pulling the trigger to fire a gun, using a stick to quickly change direction, or pressing a button to jump, it is important that games respond in the timely fashion — you don’t want to pull the trigger and have to wait a second for your in-game gun to fire!

It’s all well and good having lightning fast reactions, but it amounts to nothing if there is a delay in the game reacting. The time taken for a game to respond to user input is referred to as latency, and Ben Heckendorn has a tool that may be of interest to developer looking to check the latency of their games.

The Xbox One Controller Monitor is an interesting-looking piece of equipment. It sits between an Xbox One and a controller and gives a visual indication of user input using a light board. For triggers and analog sticks, the monitor displays how much pressure is being applied, while other buttons and the crosshair have a simple light up indicator when pressed.

This might sound like something you’d like to have a look at, regardless of whether you are a game developer. This is possible, but you’ll need to have fairly deep pockets — the Xbox One Controller Monitor will set you back $900.

If you’re a curious type with some money to spare, you might be interested — but when the same money could be used to buy a big stack of games, this might be one tool you want to leave for the developers.

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