Developer can’t wait for HoloLens, recreates Portal in real-life with Kinect sensors

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Portal, originally released in 2007, has become one of the most recognizable game properties in the world. One developer has taken his enthusiasm for the game to the next level, recreating it in real-life.

Cunningly including the game as part of its famous ‘Orange Box’ promotion, Valve made sure that Portal found its way into the hands of many who would traditionally have eschewed trippy puzzle games. Roland Smeenk was one of these individuals, and his attention was consumed by the title and the potential it represented.

As such, and impatient for the release of HoloLens, Smeenk took matters into his own hands. Using two Kinect sensors, one for head tracking and the other to construct a 3D view (plus a projector), Smeenk brought portals into his living space.

Though at the moment, the functionality is limited to what is achievable in the real world, with the addition of a device capable of stereoscopic rendering, ie the Microsoft HoloLens, the potential capabilities of the project are increased considerably.

Watch this space, and expect to hear more regarding this in future. To learn more about how Smeenk created his set up, head here.

If you had a Portal gun, what would you use it for? Let us know in the comments below.

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