Developer Flaming Pumpkin releases Brain Guzzler for Windows Phone

Dave W. Shanahan

Developer Flaming Pumpkin releases Brain Guzzler to Windows Phone 8

Originally released to iPhone and Android on October 5, Brain Guzzler finally made its way to Windows Phone just two months after its original release. Brain Guzzler is a unique take on the old classic game “Snake,” except this time they replace the little dots on your screen by some screaming civilians chased by a conga line of brain-hungry zombies.

In this version, your objective is to guzzle down as many humans as possible and eat up all their brains. The more humans you eat up, the longer your zombie conga line gets and the faster you move. You need to avoid eating a fellow zombie or hit a wall, otherwise its game over. One of the best parts about the game is destroying furniture and various other items that get in your way of the delicious humans.

Developer Flaming Pumpkin releases Brain Guzzler to Windows Phone 8

The controls are pretty simple; just swipe in the direction you want to go to head that way. You will need to rampage your way through 30 levels, so you will not get bored anytime soon with this game. Brain Guzzler also allows you to earn or purchase zombie outfits, and a survival mode to see how long you can keep your conga line going! You can also view your stats screen and level-up for special perks along the way. The stats screen is also fun, so you can keep track of all the humans you’ve eaten.

It’s good to see a game like Brain Guzzler get released to the Windows Phone, hopefully more iOS and Android games will follow suit. Download Brain Guzzler ($1.99) for Windows Phone from the link below!