Dev Center is now open for Windows 10 app submissions -
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Dev Center is now open for Windows 10 app submissions


More than almost anything else, apps are key to OS success. No matter how worthy or innovative, without the necessary developer support it is almost impossible to succeed; just look at Blackberry 10.

Fully aware of this, on an official blog post, Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 Dev Center is now open for app submissions. That isn't all however, with the center now playing host to a number of new features. Each of these is focused around making the whole experience of development a little quicker and easier. These include a new affiliate program for the Windows Store, new campaign tracking, a new hardware and software analysis section, new app and IAP discounts, and the ability to mark your app eligible for distribution to organizations for volume purchasing. Now that the infrastructure is there, the onus now rests elsewhere.

In all this is a robust new feature set, which ought to provide some relief to busy developers.

Will you be submitting any Windows 10 apps to the Dev Center? Let us know in the comments below.

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