Dev Center Insider Program gets new customer segmentation and push notifications

Michael Cottuli

It’s important for developers to keep their demographics in mind when they develop apps and make sure they get their messages out efficiently. With that being said a developer shouldn’t assume that only one type of person is going to be using their software. Today in the Windows Dev Center Insider program, Microsoft launches the customer segmentation and targeted push notification feature for developers that want to better pinpoint specific users.

You can read more about the specifics in the blog post, but the basics are shown off relatively well in this video from Build 2016. With this new feature, developers are able to split the user base of their apps into several categories while making sure that push notifications don’t spam users and instead bring messages only to the people who are going to care. For example, the Build 2016 video shows users who haven’t been on the app for a long time and users who happen to be big spenders.

It’s exciting to think about what some app creators are going to do with this little addition to the development center. While this is most likely going to be used in order to ask more experienced users to rate an app and  direct advertisements to big spenders, there are likely tons of creative uses that developers can squeeze out of the feature to make it really do some work. The ability to split up the users of your app and reach out to them is definitely should not be overlooked by the more savvy developers out there.