Details regarding HP's introduction to the Surface Enterprise Initiative revealed

Michael Cottuli

Surface Pro 3

HP has long been one of the largest PC manufacturers worldwide, and nobody would argue the sort of influence the company has over the consumer PC market. In a blog post yesterday, Microsoft announced the fact that HP is joining Microsoft’s Surface Enterprise Initiative.
While some may have thought that this announcement alluded to HP selling the Surface Pro 4 through its channels, a post today from HP clarified that they’ll be selling the Surface Pro 3.
What this essentially means is that, now, HP is going to be selling Surface Pro 3’s through its “direct sales force.” This move comes from what HP claims to be the feedback of its consumers, who wanted the company to distribute the Surface Pro 3 “due to its form factor and usage flexibility, among the other systems in their enterprise environments.”
Not only is HP selling the Surface Pro 3, but they’re offering direct support for it. Along with the direct sale of the Surface Pro 3 from HP’s sales force, the company is independently offering “HP Care Packs designed specifically to help customers to plan, configure, deploy and manage in enterprise environments.”
With HP now officially selling the Surface Pro 3, the questions presents itself: is HP still going to be selling similar detachable products? HP didn’t have a specific answer to this question, but it was addressed. They mentioned that they had just recently released products like the HP Elite X2 1011, HP Pro X2 210, HP Pro X2 612 and HP Pavilion X2, and said that, while they aren’t ready to announce anything new just yet, you should continue to “watch this space.”
Whether or not this means anything of note, only time can tell.  We’ll be watching that space for any new information, and if anything pops up, you’ll be the first to know.