Details on Twitter’s Super Followers paid subscription feature surface online

Brad Stephenson

Twitter Super Followers

Twitter’s planned paid subscriptions service, Super Followers, has been public knowledge for a while now but specifics have been scarce. That changed today when proven Twitter leaker, Jane Manchun Wong, shared a variety of screenshots relating to the feature’s application process on her own account.

As can be seen in the image below, the upcoming service won’t initially (if ever) be open to everyone and those who are interested in offering subscriptions on their Twitter accounts will need to fill in an application form before any of the money-making functionality is enabled.

The current requirements are that an account must have at least 10,000 followers and have posted almost once a day for the past 30 days. The owner of the account must also be at least 18 years old which pretty much confirms that participants will have to at least reveal their true identity to Twitter and provide ID of some kind before they can be approved.

Super Followers appears to work in much the same way as similar paid subscription features work on services like Patreon and Substack. Followers of an account can sign up for a monthly subscription and the account owner can post exclusive content that’s only viewable by those that are supporting them financially.

According to these screenshots, Super Followers will also allow the account owner to view special labels on the profiles of those that subscribe to them though it’s unclear if these labels will be viewable to all users or not.

Twitter has really been ramping up its new features recently. Within the last year alone, Twitter has rolled out its own stories feature (Fleets), an integrated email newsletter service (Revue), and public voice/broadcast rooms (Spaces). The social network also began rolling out its premium service, Twitter Blue, last week beginning with Australia and Canada though its reception was mostly met with indifference due to the lack of any worthwhile benefits.

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