Destroy zombies with a ripe juicy tomato to the face in ‘Ready, Aim, Splat’ for Windows 8.1

Destroy zombies with a ripe juicy tomato to the face in 'Ready, Aim, Splat' for Windows 8.1

Looking for a fun new game for Windows 8.1? Check out Ready, Aim, Splat. The premise of this game is simple — zombies are trying to attack your vegetables, so stop them by giving them a juicy tomato to the face. Sounds easy enough right?

“The undead are back and this time they want your vegetables! Well, if they want ’em, give it to them. In the only humane way possible…. A ripe juicy tomato to the face! Ha! Not only that, but pumpkins, watermelons and much more. Even your ever loving feline companions are willing to put their paws up and pounce. So stop them now! For the love of all that is ripe. It’s time to… Ready, Aim, Splat!” the app description reads.

The game features fun vegetable and fruit slinging action. There are over eight powerups, including a kitty, to help you in your battle. You can unlock a few extra items for extra survival power. There are endless hordes of ungreatful dead, so give it a shot and let us know what high score you manage to earn!

Hit the download link to snag the free app for Windows 8.1. You can also check out the game in action below. This game will soon be available for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

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