Despite the delays, Halo: Infinite Season 2 will have these new features

Robert Collins

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Six months after the game’s release, Halo Infinite is set to launch its second season on May 3. Titled “Lone Wolves,” season 2 will introduce a bevy of improvements and additions when it rolls out.

Among the many balance tweaks gamers will see in Lone Wolves will be improvements to melee attacks that will reduce clipping and whiffing issues, making melee combat more reliable. Also, melee attacks will see a 10% damage reduction.

Other balance tweaks include a slight buff for the Overshield item, and tweaks to vehicles like increased collision damage for the Chopper. The Banshee vehicle will become more agile in addition to seeing a damage boost. Gamers can rest assured that other tweaks and enhancements will follow as the season progresses.

There will also be a slew of new content additions in Lone Wolves in the way of new maps and gameplay modes. The two new maps are Catalyst – a Forerunner complex – for Arena and the desert-like Breaker for BTB.

New modes include the following:

  • Last Spartan Standing, a 12 player battle-royale on Big Team Battle maps.
  • There will also be a new variant of King of the Hill that puts a different spin on Classic Mode, i.e. the goal being to secure as many hills as possible rather than total time spent holding hills.
  • Land Grab has two teams battling to secure three neutral zones to score points.
  • New Rumble Pit playlist: a new free-for-all playlist for 8 players that focuses on “base” modes.
  • Rotating playlists: Social Skirmish, Social Slayer, Team Snipers, and Team Doubles.
  • Vampireball is a variant of Oddball in which the skull melee attack is a one-hit kill that grants 50% shield to the skull carrier.
  • Ninja Slayer:A variation of Slayer with only Energy Sword and Grappleshot loadouts.
  • Rocket Repulsors is yet another Slayer mode, this one focusing on infinite-ammo rocket launchers and repulsors.

While some of these are just new spins on established gameplay modes, that is still a lot of new ways to play. It should be noted that some of these new modes are experimental.

Just like season 1, Lone Wolves will offer a Battle Pass that will reward players with new goodies such as armor pieces, player emblems, and more.

To be sure, 343 Industries has more in store for players that we won’t see until later in the season. And it’s a good thing, because we now know that Lone Wolves will be another six month season with the announcement that season 3 won’t launch until November 8. While this comes as a big disappointment to many fans, at least they will soon have an all-new season to look forward to in the coming weeks.