Despite attacks, Google releases official search app for Windows Phone

Google has today released an official search app for Windows Phone, despite being attacked by Microsoft on several occasions in the past. The app allows Windows Phone users to search the internet with Google instead of Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Is this a sign of Google trying to make friends with the company?

Google and Microsoft haven’t been seeing eye to eye for the last few weeks, firstly with the claims from Microsoft saying that Google tracks you and your data, and Google claiming Microsoft do the same. Microsoft even released a Googlighting video that highlights all the negative things about Google Apps. Its all a big mess between both companies at the moment. But that isn’t stopping Google from releasing an official search app for the competing phone operating system, Windows Phone.

Google Search for Windows Phone allows any Windows Phone user to search the web with Google instead of Bing, which many Windows Phone users have been asking for since Windows Phone launched.

Many users have reported that the app is very poorly built, and that they deleted the within 2 minutes of installing the app. It isn’t clear whether these users are Microsoft fans, or if the app is really just broken. You can test it out for yourself here!

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