Designed on Surface targets graffiti in Lisbon

Arif Bacchus

From locations all across the world, The Designed by Surface project has been known as a way to inspire artists to do great things with the help of the Microsoft Surface. A collection of high-tech and inspiring work, the project creates murals that embodies the spirit of people who do great things with what inspire them. In perhaps one of the most stunning instances of these works yet, Sergio Odeith has created a mural for the popular writer Fernando Pessoa.

Odeith's mural
Odeith’s mural

Seen above, the mural shows off Fernando Pessoa, a popular writer from Portugal who used to sit in the café where the mural is painted.

Odeith describes the process of creating the mural in a Youtube Video:


“It’s about Fernando Pessoa, he was a really famous book and poetry writer from Portugal, he did some of the most important masterpieces, he used to sit in this coffee shop, which is also really famous, called ‘Brasileira’ here in Lisbon, one of the most popular spots in Lisbon, to get inspired to make his art”

Using the Surface Pro 4’s high precision pen, Odeith was able to work from anytime, and anywhere when designing the mural.  From the United States to Europe, he is always on the go, and so he relies heavily on creative software that enables him to express his ideas. He also describes his style as “sombre 3D,” and has a special talent for perspective and shading to create some amazing anamorphic murals.

You can learn more about Odeith, and the others who are part of this project by going to the Surface art page.