Designed on Surface hits Munich with a magical wolf mural

Microsoft has been showing us a whole lot of impressive art the past couple weeks. This has all spawned from the Designed on Surface program--an initiative taken by Microsoft to commission several muralists to design a mural on their Surface and then bring it to life on walls all across the world.

This week, we've been given the final artist to be showcased by the Design on Surface program: Andreas Preis.

Andreas gave us a gorgeous mural of a wolf, using a wall in Munich, Germany as his canvas. Andreas' murals tend to be made up of several different shapes, and he didn't change his style at all when he broke out his spray paint for this one.

The wolf is made up almost entirely of very distinct shapes in different colors, coming together to create an extremely elegant bigger picture. On top of the shapes that make up the wolf, each one of them is accented by precise lines that were each done individually in marker in order to add the extra bit of detail that the mural needed to really come together.

Designed on Surface Murich
Designed on Surface Murich.

Andreas made no bones about it: the Surface Pro 4 most definitely helps him be more productive when he's designing his murals. Before he got his hands on Microsoft's tablet hybrid he would use paper to sketch out a design, but the Surface allowed him to utilize the same precision on a platform that's much more versatile and capable of creating a refined design.

It's artists like Andreas making exceedingly intricate pieces of art using the Surface who really show off why Microsoft decided to start this mural program in the first place. While the Designed on Surface program may be over, hopefully the work that artists like Andreas have done here will inspire future artists to keep doing great things with art.

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