Design flyers and more for your business with Microsoft Garage’s Sprightly, now on iOS

Sprightly on iOS

Microsoft Garage’s app Sprightly was introduced on Android back in February. Now available on iOS, Sprightly can help small and large businesses design and create digital content on a professional level to share on social media or display on their websites.

Sprightly can create fliers, catalogs, multiple price lists, e-cards, and e-coupons to share with customers. Sprightly is helpful for small businesses because they are able to take photos, import images, choose from a wide array of template options, share on Facebook and WhatsApp, or send PDFs directly to customers.
Sprightly, iOS, Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage created Sprightly with the idea that people would rely solely on their iPhone or Android phone to create digital content. Based in Hyderabad, India, Fanzart is India’s leading company that sells in designer ceiling fans. Sanjana Shah is a Fanzart franchise owner, and she finds that Sprightly helps her greatly in communicating with her employees, customers, and the Fanzart head office.

“Every image, every catalog would come from the head office, which would take nearly one month for it to get updated. But now with Sprightly, I’m able to click immediate pictures of all the fans here on display, make a price list, make a catalog of the same and send it across to clients. It’s been a real great problem solver.”

With Sprightly on iOS, Shah is able to use her iPhone to quickly respond to client product requests.

“One incident that I can share where Sprightly was very handy was when I was traveling. I got a call from a client saying she wanted the range of the white fans that we have. I had these pictures in the collection made in Sprightly. I had to park my vehicle on the side of the road just for three minutes and I was done. I just had to put all of them across, make a price list immediately and send it. Sprightly has really helped a lot of people who are a little creative and really want to do something with their collection and business”

Sprightly, iOS, Microsoft Garage

In addition to Sprightly, Microsoft Garage is also responsible for apps like News Pro 2.0Hub KeyboardFetch!, and Mimicker Alarm. Check out the Microsoft Garage to see what other apps are available.

Sprightly is free to download from App Store or Google Play.

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