Denim update rolling out for the Lumia Icon on Verizon

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Lumia Icon

The wait for the Denim update for the Lumia Icon on Verizon is finally over. After months of waiting for the Cyan update to reach the Icon, users will skip that update entirely and gain all of the features from Cyan, update 8.1.1 and Denim at once.

Before the update the Icon was running software that was multiple years old and not approaching its potential as a device. While the hardware of the Icon is also over a year old it was crippled most by its lack of update and support from Verizon. All of the updates that are being released today have already been delivered to the international variant of the Icon, the Lumia 930 and in some cases arrived months ago.

The wait is long overdue for Verizon users using one of the only flagship Windows phones. Verizon has a hot and cold relationship with Microsoft. They are the only carrier to sell the Lumia Icon and also carry the HTC One M8 for Windows but are months behind when it comes to updates. Many customers also claim that Verizon salespersons try to sell Android and iOS phones over Microsoft. Verizon’s website also doesn’t have the Icon listed for purchase.

The update includes a long list of features including folders on the start screen, customizable snooze times for alarms, and 4K video recording that also allows you to take snap shots from within videos. Other features include personalization features such as editing live tiles, the word flow keyboard that allows users to swipe between letters, the action center, and management features for the start screen and action center. The update is rolling out now and is available by checking for an update within settings.

The positive side to all this is that the wait is finally over and the feature list is plentiful. The overdue update creates one of the only flagship Windows phone experiences within the United States. The hardware of the Icon is older but it still carries high end hardware to run the new software.

While the post announcing the release of the update for the Lumia Icon did not mention ‘Hey Cortana’, a passive listening feature to start Cortana while the phone is asleep, numerous mentions on Twitter confirm that it is indeed included.

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