Delta ditched Microsoft for Apple products because of bag sizes -
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Delta ditched Microsoft for Apple products because of bag sizes

This past weekend, Delta revealed it would be giving up on Microsoft's Surface and Windows Phone products in favor of Apple's iOS devices for in-flight crews. Well, turns out that one reason for the switch is because of bag sizes (via Neowin.)

Noted by The Inquirer, Microsoft says that Delta's switch had to do with a change in smaller electronic flight bags. Essentially, Surface devices could not fit in the smaller bags, hence the switch to iPads and other Apple devices. Microsoft's full statement can be seen below.

"We have a great partnership with Delta. The company decided, as part of its hardware refresh cycle, to standardize on a 10.5" form factor for its electronic flight bag. Delta continues to invest in and is using Microsoft productivity and business applications, including Dynamics and Office 365 across their operations and will continue to do so."

This dismisses many rumors and claims that Delta may have ditched Microsoft because of a lack of focus on Windows 10 Mobile hardware. Still upsetting to see Surface and Windows Phone bite the dust at Delta, but great to hear that Delta and Microsoft still have an ongoing relationship, especially with the cloud and Office 365 which are both netting the company big money.

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