Delta Air Lines makes it official: 11,000 pilots to go paperless and get Surface 2 tablets


Delta Air Lines

Recently, we learned that Delta Air Lines would soon be offering Surface 2 tablets to its pilots, in an attempt to woo them away from the Apple iPad which they currently use. Today, Delta Air Lines has offered an offiical press release and confirmed that 11,000 pilots will be receiving the Surface 2 tablet in an attempt to go paperless.

“Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) is equipping its 11,000 pilots with the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet, which will be used initially as an electronic flight bag to replace heavy paper-based flight kits containing navigational charts and aircraft operating and reference manuals. Device rollout to pilots flying the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 fleets will start later this year and all Delta cockpits are projected to be paperless by the end of 2014,” Delta stated in an official press release.

Apparently this will occur in less than two years and Delta cockpits will feature the newly announced Surface 2 tablet, which runs Microsoft’s Windows RT 8.1 platform. The 757 and 767 fleet will be the first airlines to make the transition to the Surface 2, and the 777, 747, and MD88 will make the transition soon after. 

“Delta’s electronic flight bag running on Surface 2 continues the technological strides Delta has been making to give our crews the best tools to keep them flying safely and efficiently. This intuitive device puts key information at our pilots’ fingertips right when they need it. By eliminating paper, we’ll reduce clutter and minimize time spent looking for flight information, allowing our pilots the opportunity to develop greater situational awareness in the air and on the ground,” Delta’s Senior VP Capt. Steve Dickson stated.

Using the Surface 2, powered by Windows RT 8.1, pilots can snap apps side by side and pretty much assess weather information alongside proposed flight paths. By switching over to the Surface 2, Delta is projected to reduce the airline’s paper usage by 7.5 million sheets annually and save an estimated 900 trees each year.

Microsoft announced last month that Delta Air Lines will equip more than 19,000 flight attendants with Windows Phone 8 devices. More specifically, the flight attendants will have Nokia Lumia 820 devices to run credit cards, perform seat upgrades, and more.