Dell no longer manufacturing Windows Phone 7.5 devices?

With the recent release of Windows Phone 7.5, a new interest in the Windows Phone platform has sparked by many smartphone users. Unfortunately, it looks like Dell has stopped manufacturing any new Windows Phone 7.5 devices, according to a report.

"Unfortunately, we confirmed though a higher up at Dell that the Wrigley is no more and won't be released. We're not even sure if the device ever left planning stages, to be honest. But more importantly and as expected, Dell will not be having any more "Mango" devices to offer this year or next. Sure, they'll continue to support the Dell Venue Pro, no worries there, but it looks like they are taking a break for now," the report states.

It looks like Dell is taking a break from manufacturing any Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices, at least for the time being. Many Dell fans were waiting for the Wrigley, which was a Windows Phone powered handset, but it was never released. Perhaps they are re-evaluating their stance towards this platform? Dell could re-enter this market when Windows Phone 8 code-name Apollo hits.

Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' features an updated user interface with the intentions of "making it easier for the user to launch, to search, to find, to buy and to install" apps. The update will also feature a 25% improvement in memory efficiency and support for deep links into application content. We will also see a feature called Live Agents as well as better multitasking. IE9 will also be making an appearance in the update.

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