Dell and Intel's vision for a real Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem is called Stack

We covered the mysterious Dell phone recently, however, we did not expect to get more information about it. Thankfully, we were wrong and we now have more images, specifications, and names of the devices from Dell and Intel.

Back in 2014, Dell and Intel partnered in order to work on a product known as the Dell Stack. The product was supposed to be a long-term relationship between Intel and Dell, and its goal was to truly utilise the power and possibilities of Continuum. With the device's 6.4-inch screen, it would have already replaced your tablet and phone, and with the accessories that were under development back then, it would have replaced your laptop and desktop as well, which would mean "one device to rule them all". The true goal of Continuum.

The specifications are very interesting, as they are "flexible". This is rarely seen on phones but rather on PCs where you can choose the amount of RAM as well as the CPU, GPU, et cetera. The specifications would go from an Intel Core m3 bundled with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, up to an Intel Core m7 vPro, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage (+MicroSD card slot up to 2TB) which would be extremely powerful, and a true "superphone" - unlike the average internls of HP Elite x3 dubbed as the most powerful Windows mobile device at the moment.

The device would include a Windows Hello iris scanner as well as a 5MP front-facing camera with an 8MP shooter on the back. We doubt it could compete with Lumia devices in terms of picture quality, but at least it would blow the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL out of the water in terms of raw horsepower.

As a tablet, the device will use 3.5-watt of power because anything more would be unnecessary and kill the battery. However, when docked and used in the Continuum mode, it would use around 12-watts allowing for a smooth experience even when stretched, especially with its higher-end models.

The Stack actually had a second generation version already under work even before the first generation was born, which is quite interesting and a bit suspicious. The second generation would have featured the same set of specifications, and probably better and more features as above along with a smaller variant with 6-inch display.

The first deliveries were not supposed to arrive before Spring 2017 and they most probably won't even by summer. However, not all hope is lost as the current state of the project is "unknown". It is like the Shrödringer's Cat - the project is both cancelled and under development at the same time, until proven otherwise.

Unlike the Surface Phone, we know this one exists somewhere which gives us hope that we might one day get it in our hands.

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