Dell’s futuristic hybrid work concepts includes Project Stanza, a new companion device for note taking

Posted by:Arif Bacchus

As more of the world moves to hybrid work, which includes shifting between different devices and different locations, there’s a ton of challenges that people might face. Dell previously shared its vision for supporting this shift and has now taken the wraps off three concepts, including Project Stanza, a new multi-screen note-taking experience.

The three concepts are known as Concept Flow (a personal productivity experience), Concept Pari (a wireless webcam), and Concept Stanza (a multi-device note-taking experience.) Each concept involved Dell looking at collaboration tools, ecosystem solutions, and device intelligence to plan for the future. It’s important to note, though, that these are just concepts, and there’s no availability or plans for release just yet.

Project Stanza

We start with Project Stanza. This project is an exploration of Dell’s multi-screen solutions and is designed a thin, light, port-less 11-inch companion device just for note-taking. The device has no camera or speakers and is meant to be distraction-free for a true pen-to-paper experience. The device even lets you double-tap to convert your handwriting to text and has a screen extension functionality, so your content is searchable, retrievable, and shale across devices without the need to dig through notebooks and other apps. Check out our guided tour of Dell’s Project Stanza above.

Concept Flow

Next up is concept Flow. Concept Flow is something that is designed for productivity as you move between locations during your day. In these scenarios, workflows might end up getting disrupted, as your laptop might take a while to dock, your screen or display might not work right, or you might not be able to charge your laptop correctly. Flow addresses all these issues by marrying together wireless charging, software applications, and Wi-Fi 6E docking technology. With this concept, you can automatically connect to your display wirelessly, charge your laptop by just setting it on your desk, and disconnect from monitors without the need for cables.

Concept Pari

Last up is Concept Pari. This concept is all about making virtual meetings more inclusive and increasing meeting engagement. Designed as a movable wireless webcam that can be placed anywhere (on compatible displays, charging docks, or a stand or hands,) users should be able to leverage this concept to make direct eye contact with the people they’re speaking with. The webcam is small and light at 1 ounce, and even has a microphone, delivering 1080p video over Wi-Fi. Power indicators, a vertical indicator light, and an integrated USB-C dock for wireless charging are other features onboard.

Again, these are all just concepts for now and Dell did not provide us with any launch times for when you can expect to see these on the market. However, Dell is always looking into additional solutions. “We believe that the pinnacle of great hybrid work experiences helps achieve balance, and that requires both a culture shift and advancements in technology.” “There are opportunities for us to re-imagine how technology can help us achieve more than ever before, and we’ll continue to explore ways to improve work experiences,” said Glen Robson, CTO, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies.