Dell compares its Precision M3800 to Macbook Pro, finds Apple lacking

Dell compares its Precision M3800 to Macbook Pro, finds Apple lacking

Head-to-head competition between various devices is constantly in our faces. We can hardly watch TV without seeing some company comparing itself to another, and Apple seems to be the most likely target. Everyone from Samsung to Microsoft to Amazon has taken on the Cupertino company recently, and, needless to say, all found themselves on top.

The latest is Dell, which quietly pushed out a blog post today that compared its Precision M3800 laptop to the Macbook Pro. The hardware maker commissioned a study by Principled Technologies, designed to compare the Precision M3800 Workstation with a Macbook Pro.

“They performed a series of benchmarks tests and we were quite pleased with the results. Overall, the Dell Precision M3800 workstation outperformed both the current and older generation Apple MacBook Pro systems on several key performance tests – at a price point of $2,249, which is 13.5 percent lower than the 2013 MacBook Pro”.

Unsurprisingly, much like all of those TV ads we’ve grown accustomed to, the Dell notebook came out on top. Highlights included the M3800 launching Adobe Premiere Pro 11.7-percent faster, performing video rendering 43-percent faster, and sporting a boot time 11-percent faster.

These things are always specious. When a company commissions a study and comes out on top, we are left to wonder about the methodology behind everything. But, the Dell laptop is certainly a powerhouse, and we won’t dispute the results. Really, these things just come down to which device the user prefers.

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