Dell is all in on Windows 10 launch with early shipping, support, and years of planning

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Dell and windows have put years of planning in to make windows 10 launch smoothly

First impressions stick with people and companies for a long time. With the rollout of Windows 10 taking full effect this week, Dell is looking to impress users with a wide array of Windows 10 devices. Additionally they are working on making upgrading easy by providing assistance to users who have any questions or concerns. People in the Chicago area can also check out the Dell Lounge which showcases Windows 10 on Dell devices. A press release from Dell explains their multi-faceted plan to get Windows 10 to users easily and quickly.

Shipment and pre-loading of Windows 10 on devices

While the release to the public of Windows 10 arrives on July 29th, Dell is shipping devices with the new operating system today with free overnight shipping. If a customer ordered a Dell device during their pre-sale period, it will arrive on July 29th.

Users in the United States, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom have already been able to pre-order Windows 10 devices and customers in Brazil will have that opportunity starting on July 29.

In terms of Windows 10 devices arriving on physical shelves in retail stores, Best Buy, Microcenter and Staples will have them available for purchase on July 29th. QVC had devices built for Windows 10 available for purchase since July 14 (they did not get an early upgrade however). Customers in China will have to wait until August to purchase devices on shelves and UK customers will have to wait until October.

Wide range of devices

Dell is a well-recognized OEM for Windows products and looks to keep their reputation high with Windows 10. They boast about how “70 configurations of laptops and 2-in-1s and desktops and all-in-ones featuring Windows 10 are available on and 51 Dell systems will be available from leading retailers beginning tomorrow.”


Dell works with Windows 10

Dell and Microsoft started working together in 2013 to make sure that Dell devices would work with the core feature set of Windows 10. That includes RealSense cameras that work with Windows Hello as well as Waves MaxxAudio to help Cortana work well. Dell also has worked with Microsoft to make sure that their touch screens work well with Continuum.


Windows 10 is being marketed as the most secure Windows operating system ever. Dell is working to make sure that their hardware running Windows 10 is also secure. Dell points out that their devices have “comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge malware prevention with the Dell Data Protection portfolio.” When combined with Windows 10’s features such as Windows Hello, Dell looks to be viewed as a maker of devices that can be trusted for personal or business use.


Updating to a new operating system can be complicated or cause unforeseen problems. To help customers upgrading to Windows 10, Dell has 24/7 support available for Premium Support and Pro Support Plus customers. Dell also has a series of support videos available on their support YouTube channel. Topics include how to upgrade, new features, how to use a virtual desktop, and more. Those videos are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. That’s an important factor because Windows 10 will be available throughout 190 countries this year.

Dell Lounge event in Chicago

There is a four day event in Chicago running from July 30th through August 2nd to celebrate Windows 10. The event is hosted by both Dell and Microsoft. There will be devices from Dell and Alienware running Windows 10. It’s powered by Windows 10 and will have Goodwill, Girl Scouts of the USA, Academy for Global Citizenship and more in attendance. There will also be social media celebrities and more at the event overlooking Grant Park.

Dell is going all in for Windows 10. There’s a massive push to get out the door on the right foot with Windows 10 and Dell and they’ve been planning and working together for years to make that happen. We’ll see how the Windows 10 rollout goes starting tomorrow when devices are shipped with or upgraded to Windows 10.

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