Death Stranding confirmed for Microsoft’s PC Game Pass this month. Could a Spider-Man game be next?

Robert Collins

Updated on:

Yesterday we reported a possible tease for Death Stranding over on the PC Game Pass official Twitter account.

The tease came in the form of a new profile pic which happened to be a screenshot from the game. This started the rumor mill churning with many speculating online that Hideo Kojima’s horror game could be making its way to PC Game Pass in the very near future.

The rumors have proven to be well-founded with the announcement that Death Stranding will indeed be available on PC Game Pass starting August 23.


Death Stranding was the first game released by Kojima Productions post-Konami. Set in a post-apocalyptic open world, Kojima refers to it as a “stranding” game. Kojima is known for defying genre with many of his projects.

Recall that Sony owns the Death Stranding IP, although the publishing duties for the PC version were handled by 505 Games. This will mark the third PlayStation-backed game to come to Game Pass, along with two MLB The Show titles.

And in a bit of not-entirely-unrelated news, the PC Game Pass Twitter account has also given us another tease.

The post doesn’t reveal much about else might be coming on the 23rd, at least not in words. But check out the sticker on the briefcase. The circuitry unmistakably resembles a spider. What could this possibly be alluding to? Could a certain other Sony franchise be set for a surprise arrival on Game Pass? We will just have to stay tuned to find out…