Dear Microsoft, please don’t screw up the Surface 2.0 (editorial)


The Surface RT and the Surface Pro. Two devices from Microsoft that caught the world by surprise. While we know its only inevitable that Microsoft release a sequel to these two devices, lets hope the software giant doesn’t screw it up like it did with the Surface RT and Surface Pro product launches.

Before we go over this, lets look back at a little history. Back in June of 2012, rumors were circulating about what Microsoft was planning on revealing during a “mystery event” in Los Angeles, California. That mystery event turned out to be the introduction of the Surface tablet by the software giant. Microsoft wanted to “add another piece to that Windows 8 story” by creating a whole new family of computing devices so Windows 8 “could have it’s own hardware.”

Microsoft really knows how to hype up a product and the Surface is no exception. “Conceived, designed and engineered entirely by Microsoft employees, and building on the company’s 30-year history manufacturing hardware, Surface represents a unique vision for the seamless expression of entertainment and creativity,” Microsoft explained about the Surface device.

Watch the introduction of the Surface tablet.

Fast forward to now, we have the Surface RT and Surface Pro devices available in the United States and Canada. One is a tablet and the other is a PC. But the road has been quite bumpy since the product’s introduction back in 2012. Here’s what we would hope Microsoft should change for the Surface 2.0.

Surface Pro sold out

February 9th. The day the Surface with Windows 8 Pro was released and made available to the online Microsoft Store, as well as BestBuy and Staples. But February 9th is also the day the Surface Pro went out of stock (mostly the 128GB model), resulting in an out of stock crisis and frustrated customers.

Microsoft never really explained why the Surface Pro went in and out of stock in only a matter of hours, but Microsoft was able to create some angry consumers. Some consumers went as far as saying that Microsoft’s distribution model was “a joke” while others would say that the software giant “blew it” when it came to the launch of the Surface Pro.

With Best Buy and Staples having little to just one 128GB Surface Pro in stock, it didn’t show a lot of confidence in Microsoft’s product. Now that we know the Surface devices have sold over 1.5 million units thus-far, it only makes sense for Microsoft to anticipate the same need for the Surface 2.0. Microsoft, when you launch the Surface 2.0 in the future, please build more devices than you did with the Surface Pro and offer it to more than just Best Buy and Staples.


While it makes sense to think that Microsoft is learning from its mistakes, so to speak, from the Surface RT and Surface Pro launch, we hope that the software giant is keeping notes and making improvements on how it plans on launching and releasing its Surface 2.0 devices. The new devices should be free of any show-stopper issues (software or hardware), such as the WiFi connectivity issue that many Surface Pro users experienced, an overheating issue, a brightness bug, as well as other issues involving the pen.

Another area that Microsoft should focus on is the advertisement method of the Surface 2.0 devices. Should Microsoft continue on with the beat-boxing and dancing promo videos that really only highlight how cool people can dance on a table or should the promos reflect on how the software giant is promoting an exciting new useful product?

I understand that the video features a lot of “clicking” but it doesn’t really showcase the device’s features all that much. Perhaps Microsoft should offer an advertisement that really highlights the devices benefits as well as promote the device in a unique (preferably less dancing) manner.

And what about that Surface Pro charger? Why is the outlet plug-in side of the cable so short? Please fix this issue! (see image below)

Surface Pro

I can’t end this editorial with negativity. I do have one positive thing to say about Microsoft and its Surface devices. The company has pledged continued updates and improvements for the Surface RT and Pro, which should come as a typical thing to do. However, Microsoft is taking this a step further and is trying to offer top-notch support by releasing regular updates for the devices. Keep this up Microsoft. We love the updates. Keep doing the same for the Surface 2.0 as well!

Microsoft has yet to even reveal the Surface 2.0 so we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. Although Microsoft has hinted on a “family” of Surface devices. If Microsoft wants the Surface tablet to be a serious competitor to Apple’s popular iPad or any Android-based tablet, then Microsoft really needs to get it together and get their head in the game. After-all, Microsoft must be sitting uneasy knowing that the Apple iPad is dominating in the tablet arena. Lets hope the software giant has learned from their mistakes if they really want to make an impact.

These are my thoughts on what need to be addressed, what are you concerns about Surface 2.0? What should Microsoft do different?

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