Deals Hub app lets you easily monitor Windows Store deals

Michael Cottuli


Some of you may want to be kept in the loop for every new deal that comes out in the Windows Store, whether it be an app, a game, or a movie. With the holiday season giving us more sales every day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of when Microsoft decides to discount a particular app or game. Thankfully, the Windows Store’s deals are going to be a lot easier to catch with this recent addition to the app library.
A new app from the Windows Store, called Deals Hub, is offering Windows Store users exactly that opportunity. The app is made to alert you to any and all sales that start up in the Windows Store. The app will be giving you Live Tile updates if you’re the sort of person who pays attention to those, but more importantly, it’s going to let you get push notifications as well.
The app works for both Windows 10 and for Windows 10 Mobile and is available right now. Grab the app from the download link below. Alternatively, check out the Windows Store’s Deals Hub section if you don’t fancy installing an app.

Deals Hub
Deals Hub
Price: Free