Dealing with the big issues in web safety, and how to stay safe online

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Feb 11th, 2012 inUncategorized

With privacy being a big issue on the internet, one must be as careful as possible. A new infographic was released that showcases the best tips on how to keep yourself protected online, especially when dealing with passwords and privacy policies.

The guys over at Frugaldad have come up with a neat infographic that centers on the big issue of online privacy. With the recent changes in privacy policies that Google has ushered across its line of products and not offering any opt-out, users have raised concern over the lack of privacy and choices with the search engine giant. So many people use the internet, but very little know just how much information about them is available online.

Researchers are stating that social media is an easy way to figure out one’s social security number, which is the key to identity theft. Lets not forget about all those mobile banking apps that we love to use on our smartphones, which log all our sensitive information.

This infographic offers a few tips on staying safe online:

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