Deal: Windows 10’s MindMaple Pen app is now 93% off for one week

Brad Stephenson

MindMaple app on Windows 10

The Windows 10 MindMaple app is currently selling with a massive 93% discount in the Microsoft Store app store, bringing its price down to just $0.99 from its usual $14.99.

MindMaple is an app for drawing and writing mind maps; basic sketches that represent thoughts, ideas, and plans. The app features support for Windows 10 devices with touch screens, such as the Surface line of computers, and works with styluses like the Surface Pen. Mind maps can be exported as .pptx, .xlsx, and .docx files.

Here’s the official app description:

MindMaple Pen is a creative mind-mapping app for Surface or similar devices. With a digital pen and touch screen, you can easily write down your thoughts and draw mind maps anytime and anywhere. This app will help you organize information, visualize your ideas in business meetings and provide organized information to your clients. MindMaple Pen will help capture ideas at work and boost creativity in your daily life.

The 93% discount will only last for eight more days so Windows 10 users who think they may want it in the future should may want to grab it now at this cheaper price.

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MindMaple Pen
MindMaple Pen
Developer: MindMaple Inc.
Price: Free