Deal: Headphones and earphones for Windows 10 phones, tablets and laptops in the UK

Jack Wilkinson

Even though Black Friday is coming to an end, some retailers are continuing sales over the weekend and into next week. In our search for headphone and earphone deals across the United Kingdom, Nottingham HiFi is offering some astounding discounts on high-end items with free next day delivery on orders over £75. Let’s take a look at the deals.

Each headphone and earphone below is compatible with Windows 10 devices that are either Bluetooth compatible or support 3.5mm jack inputs. To view the products, simply click the product title.

Sony MDRZX220BT Bluetooth Headphones

These Sony Bluetooth headphones provide a 30mm driver, delivering clear sound, even over Bluetooth. The battery will last around 8 hours and can be charged via microUSB. One interesting feature of these headphones is that they have voice commands – allowing the user to answer calls with their voice, and use the built-in microphone. NFC is also supported, allowing the headphones to be connected to an NFC-enabled device by just tapping it.

Price: £49.99 (usually £59.99)

Sony MDRZX770BN Bluetooth Headphones

These are the bigger brother to the previous Sony headphones. This improved version offers Active Noise Cancellation, allowing the users’ ears to focus on the sound, not the surroundings. A more impactful driver is included also, coming in at 40mm. For those longer journeys, it provides 13 hours of battery life, as well as hands-free calls. Finally, apart from Bluetooth, these headphones can also be connected via a traditional wired connection.

Price: £79.00 (usually £99.00)

Sennheiser IE80 Earphones

Sennheiser’s IE80 earphones are designed for maximum quality, promising staggering bass performance as well as precise and detailed treble. These earphones work best with uncompressed audio in order to deliver the best sound possible. The cable is replaceable, so no need to replace the entire item if the cable becomes worn.

Price: £134.95 (usually £269.95)

Sennheiser IE8I Earphones

The slightly smaller variant of the IE80 is the IE8I. With these earphones, the user gets a remote control, built-in microphone, as well as customisable bass. With the remote control, users can switch tracks, increase/decrease volume and skip inside a song.

Price: £119.99 (usually £239.99)

Personally, the Sony MDRZX220BT were enough for us – to work with a Windows 10 laptop.

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