Deal: Get 75% off Windows 10's Diarium digital journal app this month only -
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Deal: Get 75% off Windows 10's Diarium digital journal app this month only

The Windows 10 Mobile and PC digital diary app, Diarium, is currently selling in the Microsoft Store app store with a 75% discount. The app usually retails for $19.99 but is now $4.99 for the next 12 days only.

Diarium, as its name suggests, is an app that functions as a diary or journal. It features Windows 10 Calendar connectivity, OneDrive sync between devices, and the addition of media such as images or audio files. It also supports a variety of export options.

Here's its full feature list:

  • Daily notifications remind you to write down your memories
  • Attach pictures, drawings, audio recordings, files, tags, people, ratings or locations to your diary entries
  • Full integration into system calendar
  • Automatic integration of your social media activity (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/...)
  • Optional password protection of your diary
  • OneDrive Sync
  • Backup your diary with importing & exporting the database
  • Export your diary entries as .docx, .rtf, .html or .txt

Do you keep a digital journal and have you given Diarium a go yet? Let us know if you enjoy using it in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Windows app content.

Diarium: Journal, Diary, Notes
Diarium: Journal, Diary, Notes
Developer: T. Partl
Price: $7.99

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