Popular YouTube client for Windows Phone ‘myTube’ running free for next 24 hours


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Deal Alert: Popular YouTube client for Windows Phone, mytube running free for next 24 hours

Thanks to the bitter relationship between Microsoft and Google, Windows Phone doesn’t have an official YouTube client. Either we use any web browser to access the juggernaut video portal, or a third-party client. And one of the most appreciated YouTube clients, myTube, is running free for the next 24 hours on Windows Phone Store.

“myTube is a YouTube app built to keep your video playing no matter what. By lightly fading the video into the background, you can continue to watch while you read comments, browse channels and videos, and everything else you can do in the app. If you can do something in the app, then you can do it while watching a video,” the app description reads. 

The app, which is usually priced at a dollar, has several enticing features. Besides the interactive user interface and its deep integration with other Windows Phone services, it supports HD video and lets you download the clips for offline viewing. 

myTube will run free until 12:00 UTC on June 25. You can snag the updated version from the download link below. What do you think of this app?