DBCTaskman lets you use the new Windows 8 task manager on your Windows 7 device



Windows 8 is known for its radical change from Windows 7. One of the new features of the operating system is the task manager, which has many new features compared to the task manager in Windows 7. Now you can have an imitation Windows 8 task manager on your Windows 7 device.

For those of you who have no plans on upgrading to Windows 8 and are currently sticking to Windows 7, the folks over at Neowin have put together download links for DBCTaskman. This tool offers you the Windows 8 task manager on your Windows 7 computer.

If you were around during the development phase of Windows Vista, then this utility name may sound familiar to you. “The name of the file is DBCTaskman and if that name sounds familiar, it’s because this is the same person who created the DBCShell.exe with Vista like clock for XP many years ago,” Neowin adds.

This task manager does not replace the one in Windows 7. Also keep in mind that this software is still a bit buggy, so its features may not work as advertised. Hit the download below to snag this utility.