A day later, Xbox Live access issues are still "current"

Throughout the last few days we've noticed problems with Xbox Live service. Last Tuesday, users could not sign into the service at all, and yesterday users had issues with purchasing content, signing in, and managing accounts. One day after those latest issues, Xbox Live still continues to struggle with the same problems today.

Service Alerts
Service Alerts

According to Microsoft's Xbox service alert page, service is currently limited when it comes to buying downloadable items and using content. The page also shows that EA Access is experiencing similar issues.

If you're looking to get notified when these services come back up, you can visit the Xbox Live Status page, and request Microsoft to call or text you once things get back up and running.

Are you currently are experiencing problems with Xbox Service? If so, do let us know in the comments below. As is usual, do not hesitate to send us a tip in the event that other services go down as well.

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