Darklings for Windows Phone gets a price drop, plus new bonus content

Darklings for Windows Phone gets price drop, plus new bonus content

Previously, WinBeta reported on the recent release of the popular iOS game, Darklings, making its way to Windows Phone. Now Darklings has dropped its price in the Windows Phone Store from $1.99 to $0.99, plus added a few bonus items in a special promotion expected to last until the end of March 2015. In addition to the price drop, here are the other bonus content being offered when you purchase Darklings:

  • All In-App Products are for half price!
  • 4 free costumes during promotion: Hound, Gates, Spidey and Alictus (normally 20.000 stars each)!

 To refresh your memory, Darklings tells the story of a little creature of light named Lum, who must rid the world of Darklings to save the universe from complete darkness. Darklings have taken away all of the stars in the universe and Lum is the only one that can save the universe and bring back the stars. 

Darklings has a free trial, so give Darklings a try before you buy it. However, it's hard to pass up on a game like this when it is just $0.99. If you still are unsure, check out the Darklings for Windows Phone trailer embedded below. Darklings is available now for $0.99 via the download link below.

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