Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One announced, available as a digital download

Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One announced. Will be only available as a digital-download

Developer Harmonix Music Systems (or simply Harmonix) is an American video game development company based in the United States known for Dance Central, Rock Band, and the famous Guitar Hero series. They've announced the launch of Dance Central Spotlight which is set to land on Xbox One this September. 

The interesting thing to note here is that this game will be available as a digital-download only. Because of Xbox One’s improved Kinect technology, players will be able to use full body tracking. Keeping that in mind, Harmonix has also introduced more dance routines and a fitness mode that will give you a proper workout. 

Alex Rigopulos of Harmonix also mentioned during the E3 event today that this game is equipped with technology that gets music tracks into the game faster than ever before. The game comes with 10 new songs and a library of at least 50 songs available as a DLC at launch.

This game arrives in September of this year.

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