DailyBurn and Microsoft form partnership, now you can start working out via Internet Explorer on Xbox


Microsoft has formed a partnership with DailyBurn.com, to offer workouts, interactive personal trainers, and the ability to track your goals via the web. Using Internet Explorer on the Xbox, users can stay fit and keep track of their goals via Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 devices.

“For example, I’m a new dad and I love working out but don’t always have the time to go to the gym. Firing up DailyBurn via IE on my Xbox, and syncing my fitness goals to my Windows Phone or Windows 8 device, provides an easy way for me to track calories burned and interact with the trainers – all while completely engaged with my devices,” Microsoft’s Chewy Chong stated in an official blog post.

Beginning May 1st, all Xbox LIVE users will have one month free access to Internet Explorer for Xbox 360, a feature that is reserved for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. DailyBurn is also offering two months of free access to all workout videos and nutritional advice for your Xbox 360 and even your PC.

Take a look at the video below highlighting DailyBurn on your Xbox.

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