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Daily Mail for Windows 10 gets a face lift in version 2.0

DailyMail released its Windows 10 app quite a while ago, and it looked a whole lot different than it does now. The app used to look like a newspaper - something like the New York Times website. While it was designed competently enough, it didn't really fit the site's content matter all that well.

The new redesign of the DailyMail app makes it look a whole lot different and injects a ton of color and style into something that was previously devoid of both. The new update gives the entire website a brand new look and feel, offering users something that might better strike their fancy when they go to read an article on the DailyMail.

If you were previously put off by the design of DailyMail but want to check out a few articles, now seems like the perfect time to give the site another chance.

Daily Mail Online
Daily Mail Online

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